Whorer Core

by Fellatia G

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released June 22, 2017

Fellatia Geisha, Buttress, Razakel, Clara Bizna$$, Hand Job Academy, Cool Swim, Ruben Slikk, Drrty, Novacaine Noah, スプレーspray


all rights reserved



Fellatia G California


Original release of Desperate mixtape is here: betaboys.bandcamp.com/album/desperate
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Track Name: Not the Squad!
Oh no!
Oh god!
Nuh uh!

[Verse 1: Fellatia Geisha]
I’m the type of groupie
That might slip you roofie
Tried to made him lick my coochie
But he was just too sleepy
I will leave you with the bruised knees
And if you go to the police
I will be like
“Who me?
Nah, that cannot be
I’m just a white girl
With a college degree
I got scholarships
I’m so knowledgeable
And I’m totally against rape culture
No one will testify against me
Read this reference letter from my professor
You can’t arrest me
Officer, do you want to see my breasts
And maybe do a stop and frisk?”
I am such a naughty bitch
And you know I’m off the shits
Eyo, I can do a trick just watch this
You know I’m on watch list
You better watch out be cautious
I creep and crawl with the cucarachas
Hotter than sriracha lava
On top of arrabbiata pasta
I’m just a kike slut ironically rocking swastikas
Flipping latkes, matzo, potstickers and bricks
Up in the kitchen
Boy you gone wash the dishes
You my bitch
I’m mixing business with pleasure
And you could hit it however, whenever, it’s whatever
Eyo, my pussy like a cesspool
And the squad gets so incestual
Yea I’ma make them all Eskimo bros
Why am I so over sexual?
Fuck I’m supposed to do with my huge
Metaphysical testicles?

Oh did I take it too far?
Tell me is this what you want?

Oh no!
Oh god!
Nuh uh!
Don’t bring me round the squad!
I was tryna be your girl
And this isn’t what we want
I just want to smoke marijuana with you
Kick it and listen to Natas
While he beat the pussy up
And bust it open like it was a pinata

Oh no!
Oh god!
Nuh uh!
Don’t bring me round the squad!
I was tryna be your girl
And this isn’t what we want
Oh no!
Oh god!
Nuh uh!

Oh did I take it too far?
Tell me is this what you want?
My mixtape brings all the boys to the yard
And they’re like
It’s better than yours
Damn right
It’s better than yours
I could teach you
But I go to hard!

Oh did I take it too far?
Tell me is this what you want?
Track Name: Lunatics ft. Buttress
[Verse 1: Fellatia Geisha]
Cock to my left
Cock to my right
Knife in my pocket
And I’ma cut ‘em off man
Throw ‘em in a sauce pan
And simmer them
Add cinnamon
And cardamon
Then deliver them
To your children
And I tell them
That it’s sausages
And they nibble them
Ha ha you bitch
You know what it is
You know what it is
I think I’m hot shit
And I like bondage
I hold him hostage
And inject him with oestrogen
Again and again
Against his consent
Make you transcend a sex
And question your identity
Let go of that pent-up femininity
You look pretty with tittys
I’m spitting venom like a dilophosaurus
Put the dildo in my orifices
While I chant the chorus over the
Ouija board at the seance
Flagrantly disrespecting my dead ancestors
I’m to arrogant
To care about my heritage
I’m a lunatic and I don’t answer to shit
Rude bitch ain’t nothing to it
Use him
Just here for my amusement
Move on
I been a nuisance
Since pre pubescence
I lack the nuance
Fuck the beauty of a nude sculpture
I want to be the vulgar photo in the bathroom
That you fap to
Yea boy put your back into it!
Yea boy put your back into it!
I’m unabashedly savage
Straight blasphemous with the shits
Plus I got the ass and the tits

Don’t answer to shit
Rude Bitch
Ain’t nothing to it
Yea boy put your back into it!

[Verse 2: Buttress]
It's Buttress
I'm chilling with Lena
High as fuck, dirty sluts laughing at dick pics
East Coast bitches, dumb just some nit wits
With school shooting jokes, and videos about dead kids
Help me! I used to have a face
Now just a nameless ambassador representing evil race
Throwing up guts and stuff all in the place
Expel phonetic demons, committing treason and mental rape
Help me! I used to have a face
Now just a nameless ambassador representing evil race
Throwing up guts and stuff all in the place
Expel phonetic demons, committing treason and mental rape

The ambiguous beings with images so gory
Ah! This is real monsters not just a story [x 2]
Track Name: Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray
I could paint your portrait
Dorian Gray
We could make a porno
Dorian gray
I’ll make you immortal

Let me paint your portrait

[Verse 1: Fellatia Geisha]
Like one of my French girls
The pink flesh of your cheeks
And those gold curls
Oh those gold curls!
I could be your home girl
We could rule the whole world
We could rule the whole world

You’re gorgeous, gloriousness, so delicate

[Verse 2: Fellatia Geisha]
Dorian Gray
Why do I support you?
Dorian Gray
I want to cremate you then snort you
And work your ashes into paint
But you’d probably just regenerate
You’re just an elegant degenerate
A rejected aristocrat
You threw it all away
You’re a disgrace
They know you sold your soul to satan
And that brings me shame
And I don’t want anyone to say your name
If I could just hide you away
In my basement and paint him and rape him
And if I let him out
Then they will all know his greatness
Yea, I really should’ve oughta
Keep you locked up in my closet
As my naughty little secret
Dorian Gray will always be that
Freak bitch who I frequent
I cheat with him
On all my boyfriends
Ha ha!
You’re a disciple of the devil
And that made him so delicious
Oh no, I cannot resist him!
You’re gorgeous, gloriousness, so delicate


[Verse 3: Fellatia Geisha]
Dorian Gray
I could keep your secrets
Abort your fetus and keep it
In a pendant on a necklace
As a decadent transgression
And a fashion statement


[Verse 4: Fellatia Geisha]
You’re so charming
At all the parties
It all revolves around you
The center of attention with
A penchant for destruction
Oh God I really want to fuck him!
Really want to fuck him!
Really really want to fuck him!
You are my muse
But I’d never tell you
Because it’d just amuse you
An excuse to abuse me
My best work is about you
I want to hide it all away
And now that everyone hates you
And everyone has betrayed you
Still I remain your unrequited ride or die
I’m your unrequited ride or die
I’m your unrequited ride or die
Can’t defend you as your friend
Because the rumors are true
You’re a murder
A women ruiner
I lure in the little girls that you touch
Before I slash them, and drain them
And prep them for my bath
How you think I’ve lived like over a century
But the pussy like I’m eight and a half? Huh?
I’m Elizabeth Bathory
With her Ivory Goblet
Sipping on virgin blood
Getting so macabre with it
I just want to be loved
I want to be eternal too
And oh, what I wouldn’t do for eternal youth
We could preserve it
If we record it and post it up for the world to see
A divinity that’s sinister
You bring me closer to truth
When I fuck you
When I paint you
You’re so vain you’ll probably think this song is about you
But it's not... I swear! It's not
Track Name: Life is a Delusion
This world is not approved
Get my tubes tied
Like it’s my duty not to reproduce
I leave you bruised and abused
Because I know it’s all useless
Life is a delusion

[Verse 1: Fellatia Geisha]
This existential crisis I don’t want to exist
And as a nihilist
I can’t find a reason to live or let live
Let alone leave him alone
I want a boy to call my own
So I follow him home
I need lots of attention
I sense your apprehension
I take action without direction
Have passion but not discretion
So I make messes
I’m reckless
And I’ll never learn my lesson
And I’ll never have your blessing
So I guess I’ll keep transgressing
And regressing
Into this desperate state
I must express my hate
In an aggressive way
I’ve got a blade
And you’ve got intestines
Fillet you, and wear them as a necklace
Spay you
And then I will fellate
Your slayed genitalia
I’m a necrophiliac
And I’m really feeling ya
Take you to the fields
And bury ya
At preordained coordiance
I’m out of accordance
With the restraining order
I’m insane and
I can’t afford a lawyer
So I run for the border
Boy I’ll water board ya with the pussy
This is torture!
How unfortunate for you
Get the chloroform
Mount your head on a board
Now you’re my ornament
You’re just wall decor
I like you better post mortem
I have no decorum
Nor a morsel of remorse
Kiss you with this cold sore
Such an abhorrent whore
Should be aborted
Or left at the orphanage
I’m gorgeous

[Hook x2]

Boy I’ll water board ya with the pussy
This is torture!

Track Name: Spell On You ft. Clara Bizna$$ & Razakel
[Verse 1: Fellatia Geisha]
I put a spell on your bitch with hypnosis
Yes I’ve possessed him
I slipped him potions
Now he’s dozing off
Take his clothing off
I know that he wants it
In this context
Come on man!
I’m on the autism spectrum
Which is uncommon in women
I couldn’t read his expression
I thought he wanted the speculum
In his rectum, so I could better
Spread him open and inspect him
Boy those intestines look delectable
Almost edible
Licking my lips bitch, I’m Hannibal Lecter
Will you take it in the rectum?
I wreck him!
Make you regret we met
And the second you sent this friend request
I knew I had to molest you
And make you my next conquest
You know how to respect
A despicable little spic bitch like me
And ooo I think they like me
You all want to be just like me
It’s not likely
Bite me!
You better sleep with the lights on
When night comes
I might come
With the Vicodin, Viagra
And the microphone
So I can record it when you moan
Gag, and scream
And use it as an ad-lib
Yea bitch! You know it’s me
Yea daddy yea
I been a bad bad lady

Boy I’m just telling you
I put spell on you
And I’ma raise hell
I can make your face melt
Shut the fuck up and stay still
And maybe I won't kill you
Boy I’m just telling you
I put spell on you
Boy I’m just telling you
I put spell on you

[Verse 2: Clara Bizna$$]
You see me smiling like Aileen while I'm defiling and wiling like Poly Styrene as I'm dialing up the butcher shop like "are you guys hiring?"
You're nothing but a piece of meat to me
Just a tongue, rump roast, and the hot beef IV
I'm not angry, I'm just detached
That's how your unit will be if you come near this snatch
Hungry? I just baked a fresh batch
Open up your mouth, that's right, down the hatch!
He said it tasted like Spam
Naw baby that's the flesh of the last man
As I can-can-cannibalize
Look into my eyes as I-- ungh ungh Hypno-tize
Boys wanna hit this
Get this
Wet jizz
Who this?
Yeah Fellatia and Biz
Sick like Rick Ramirez--
But back to the witch shit
Right click on the dick pic (save that!)
I don't promote violence
I don't promote rape
But what's a little fucked up shit between two consenting adult mates?
Let's play out our psychodrama: you be the rapist patriarchy
And I'll be the sadistic animalistic twisted baby mama
My blade sharper than liquid eyeliner
Ill Pacific Islander
Hunting for head, confront the stereotype
But if you come at me like that
I'll drown you with tsunami pussy
In the air of the night


[Verse 3: Razakel]
Now it's time to show you how Razakel does it
Like Dana Sue Gray I'm gonna leave you bludgeoned
Hocus pocus you're now caught in my web
I'm a black widow, I'll make you suffer till you're dead
There's no exterminator that can terminate me
I'll leave you scared shitless defecating
Masturbating to the thought of your rotting corpse
No remorse, your flesh as my main course
Sexual intercourse with your severed dick
Ooo la la!
Suck my own cum off till I get lock jaw
I'm the wickedest bitch
You'll never switch
Throw you off of the Golden Gate Bridge
I'm the countess, your blood I will sip
Like Jeffery Dahmer got heads in my fridge
Bitch, I'm the baddest yes you should know
Crazy psycho like Norman Bates out of control
Abra Kadabra take your pants off, hush
Now I'm gonna jerk you off while wearing Freddy Kreuger's glove

Track Name: Insatiable Fellatia
[Verse 1: Fellatia Geisha]
Boy if you knew what I do
In my room when I listen to your music
You’d lose it
The booty is moving
I feel so beautiful
Lip-syncing in the mirror
To your lyrics
Makes me feel fearless
And I’m shaking my hips
While I feel on my breasts
It helps me practice my breath control
Yea he heard I like rappers
Yea you know I like rappers
But I’m no ladder climber
I just can’t compartmentalize
My passions into fractions
When it’s really a continuum
A natural attraction
I bat my lashes
Yea you know that I’m bat shit
I’ma give you all my rashes
I’ve been so bad I need lashing
And a leash
Treat me like a doggy
And if he want a feature
You got to deposit
A lot of semen in me
Then eat out
And spit it back in my mouth
On some ouroboros shit
While we’re on tour in Europe
Because I shit where I eat
And I bite the hand that feeds me
I’m greedy

It’s not thirst, it’s hunger
It’s not thirst, it’s hunger
And Fellatia is insatiable

[Verse 2: Fellatia Geisha]
We’re making out
Put your tongue in my mouth
Then I bite down!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
I bit your tongue off
Because I don’t want competition
And your rhythm is exquisite
I must eliminate him
I admit I’m kind of jealous
You got bitches
And when you perform you glisten
Yea you really are a vision
From another dimension
And I am just demented
I lament the end of listening
To your tongue twisting
Your written verses are like scriptures
Thanks for mixing and mastering my tracks
My master
You bastard!
Am I more than a piece of ass?
Tell me, do you like my raps?
Tell me you like my raps!
You’ll never rap again without your tongue!
Never lay another track!
Never lick another crack!
[Evil laughter]
Track Name: Repressed Memory
I want to be your repressed memory
That makes you distressed in your sleep
I creep into your wet dreams
And make you wake up
Sweating and screaming

[Verse 1: Fellatia Geisha]
I fetishize your trauma
Look me in the eyes and call me mama
I want to be the cause of all your problems
Then solve them
Give him Stockholm syndrome
It’s your intuition to run to me when I hurt you
So I can make it worse
Face fuck you in the dirt
I tell you I squirted
But it’s really urine
Feel it trickle down your throat
I’m the GOAT and he suck me
So I call him Chupacabra
No I don’t want to hear you talk that stupid blah blah
If it ain’t about the guap the dollar
Lo siento no habla
Nah I don’t want to hear about your stupid problems
Fuck I look like? Your therapist?
I could care less
Go overdose on heroin
Just because I get so Freudian
Doesn’t mean that you’re my boyfriend
No way, oy vey!
I’m clairvoyant
So I know where you’re going
And your future is foreboding
And you’ll end up all alone
With your ass in a ditch
Make your balls vanish like Quidditch
With just a flick of the wrist
You question my innocence
Were my intentions vindictive?
Like bitch!
Don’t you know I’m the wickedest witch?
Spitting in Yiddish and Spanish
The definition of maleficence in the flesh
Yes, the definition of maleficence in the flesh
You’re looking at her


[Verse 2: Drrty Pharms]
Weed in the lube up my booty
Bust in a cutie
Rock hello kitty and juicy
Smoking a doobie
Watchin tv with my roommate
Work in the Bronx start at 8 in the morning
So I can afford shit I'm waking and yawning
Man life is boring
Star in the porno I get paid in cash
Shawty snuck out and I came in her ass
Already bored of her it's not gonna last
In high school I fucked every girl in the class
In college I fucked every girl in the high school
Youu try and stop me get hit with the rifle
Dumb moralfag got problems with what I do
She underage man I break all the taboos
I grab her ass just to cover the tattoo
Internet faggots are scared to associate
Nut in her pussy like I'm trying to procreate
I lick her pussy like ice skates do figure 8s
Shawty stare at my red monkeys she just wanna finger me
But she won't figure me out
I put my dick in her mouth
Instagram thotty fuck me for the clout
Don't give her shit but a dozen red flags
You think it’s wrong cause you’re a bunch of fags
And who’d even care if it was
I would still bust in her butt
The wrongness is what makes it hot
Really don't care about thots
It's not my problem if I fuck her up
I just need to get my nut
That’s all that matters
Drrty savage evil bastard
Finger a girl when she plastered
Passed out behind a dumpster
Young Drrty Pharms finna hump her
I got no morals I'm a wild animal
Dick in a ana girl
Summer camp ho's a whole cabinfull
Getting attacked
Won't get arrested because I'm not black
Hide in my crib and I'm smoking on sacks
I'm sick and twisted my dog that's a fact
I'm sick and twisted my dog that's a fucking fact
Track Name: Susss Thot Sssnake
[Verse 1: Fellatia Geisha]
Red satin
Blue velvet
Cat eyes I bat my lashes
Watch as I rock my pelvis
It’s hypnosis
You’re attracted
My tactics
Seem subliminal
But it’s so deliberate
How I lure you into my syndicate
Bitch this is more than coincidence
I’ll make you my little bitch
Come here lick this clitoris
Watch me as I shake my hips
I’m the mistake that you have to live with
This sickness within me
That slithers and hisses
I cannot resist it
I need dick
Tongue flicks
Lick my lips and hiss
Meet your mistress
And your maker
Fuck the bitches
Get the paper
Infelicitous and insatiable Fellatia
Gets these cravings
I’m starving!
And boy you could be the starter
You know the hors d'oeuvres
But for the main course
I’ma eat my own ass like an ouroboros
Or a contortionist
I’ma eat my own ass like an ouroboros
Or a contortionist
Shit! This whore’s possessed
Having spasms when I orgasm
My eyes roll into the back of my head
My eyes roll into the back of my head
Come on!
Give you the back of my hand
I reprimand him
He want to be my man
But I’m so demanding
He don’t meet the standards
Mind your manners
You should be embarrassed
Acting so famished and thirsty
You need to get nourished and hydrate
Boy what that mouth do, vibrate?
Come here! Let me ride your face
Till I stab your brain
With your nose bone
Put your throat in a choke hold
Bitch I’m colder than a snow cone
Put holes in you like the ozone
Leave you looking like you Sponge Bob
Yup, I’ve always been a sus thot
You gone get fucked then robbed
Fucked then robbed
Fucked then robbed
I don’t know what the fuck you thought this was, huh?
Hear that gunshot?
That’s that cum shot
Because I get so hot when bodies drop
My eyes roll into the back of my head
My eyes roll into the back of my head

I’m a sus thot
Sus thot
Sus thot

I’m a snake
I do what it takes
I’ll use my fangs
I’ll use my spine
You’ll lose your mind
You’ll lose your mind

It’s a badger, badger, badger
Badger, badger, badger
Badger, badger, badger
Mushroom! Mushroom!
Badger, badger, badger
Badger, badger, badger
Badger, badger, badger
Snake, oh snake, oh it’s a snake!
Track Name: Overt Road Head In The Convertible Ft. Ruben Slikk
[Verse 1: Fellatia Geisha]
Let me tell you what I want boy
I want a black boy and a white boy
At the same time
And if they fine
Doggystyle I’m a canine
I’ma count to ten, now eight nine
They could switch now
Getting dicked down
I’m Harambe take ya dick out
I’m a little girl with a big mouth
I cum and then kick you out

And when I walk in the room it’s like bow-chika-wow-wow
Oh you bitches better bow down
I Drop the mic and walk out
Riding around with the top down
And your cock out
Road head in the convertible
So overt
Road head in the convertible
So overt

[Verse 2: Fellatia Geisha]
While you swerve
Make it skrrt
At every turn
Really hitting them curves
Give me whiplash
Give you whiplash
When I walk by
You gotta stop and do a double take
I’m a trouble maker
It’s double the fun
Popping bubble gum in your face
And twirling my pigtail
With fresh did pink finger nail
Now watch me as I whip my hair
Ya dig it
I’m the bomb diggity
Flow so sickening
Need ginger ale
No dignity
Middle finger in the air
Such a pretty bitch that it just isn’t fair
Track Name: The Limit ft. Cool Swim
Take me to the limit
Wait eight seconds to a minute
Past when I say the safe word
I got you falling face first

[Verse 1: Fellatia Geisha]
And I’ma make you pay for it
Inhale this vapor
And it will take you there
To the place where
Your flesh meets yours organs
And the sky meets the earth
And then absorb you
Integrate you into the infinite
You wanna know who’s hitting it?
I got a real loose kitten
Lots of dicks
Got lost in this abyss
This endless crevice
A bottomless pit
A bottomless pit
A bottomless pit
You thought I was goddess
But you’re wrong; I’m a succubus
Such a fucking bitch
The very essence of life and death
You can find me out on the edge
With my toes over the ledge
Swaying forward
Ever so slightly and gently
Push me over?
I double dog dare you to
I ain’t scared!

Track Name: Gun at Graduation
[Verse 1: Fellatia Geisha]
I was the High School slut
Just ‘cause I like to fuck
Boys in the bathroom stalls
Against lockers in halls
Yea I got called names
Chin up no shame in your game
It got under my skin and then turned into rage
I’m coming for your guts and your brains
And that’s not an innuendo
I’m pulling out the extendo
At the end of the year
A gown is even more concealing
Than a trenchcoat
Busting caps
And firing rounds
Into the crowd
In my cap and gown
I was the Summa Cum Laude
Cum guzzler
With a lot to lose
Straight A student with a future
But what good is a future if everyone treats you
Like you’re a creature?
This just isn’t for me
Reality’s a mistake
Let me out of this place
The only way to assimilate
Would be to act fake
So I’ma take fate
Into my own hands
Like a handjob
And load a handgun
I told my parents don’t come to graduation
I love you mom and dad, but
You should have never had me
What a tragedy

Eyo I’ma bring a gun to graduation
This is your congratulations
You almost made it!
But I’ma take it all away now
Everything is fading out

[Verse 2: Fellatia Geisha]
If I could just faze out the human race
And reduce us all to dust
Would you still call me a slut?
And force me to fuck you?
It was prom night
“Let’s put Klonopin in her vodka
She probably wants it right?”
They tore me apart
Now I’m torn
Two conflicting desires;
Wanting to fuck everyone
And never be touched again
It was my fault for not being strapped with a gat
And my only regret is that I didn’t bring a bomb to prom
Shit would have gone off! Ha ha!
A Beretta is the perfect accessory
To my vendetta and my tiara and my mascara
I look damn good when I massacre
Then taxidermy the student body
“What’s gotten into her?
There’s something wrong with her!”
Say sayonara mother fuckers

And I’ma take you way down
I’ma take you way down
Everything is fading out
No diploma
It’s all over
No diploma
It’s all over
Track Name: Dark Place
You give me first degree heart ache
It really put me in a dark place
I don’t even learn the hard way
I never thought that we would part ways

[Verse 1: Fellatia Geisha]
I take it day by day
Just trying to stay sane
I got a lot at stake
They want to burn me at the stake
I hate you for denying my pain
That made my insatiable greatness
That you can’t stop hating
Have you heard what they say?
“She’s fucking disturbed
Don’t believe a word she says
She’s worthless she deserves it”
She’s been scorned
But she’s got you cornered
You are her failures
Her aborted fetuses
Shout out to he who witnesses
These disses I’ve spun in a web of wicked syllables
Bitch I will make you miserable
Literally, what is he to me?
My spitting image that you can’t manage
And now that you understand it
I may just run off and wreck your image in my narrative
You’re just a character who I’ll dissolve in air
And no one will care about you
Except in relation to me
That’s what you’re really scared of
It’s apparent
That your just ignorant and arrogant
And I’ve made you aware of it
It’s hilarious


[Verse 2: Fellatia Geisha]
My vanity eats me like a disease
Please see through me
I’m seething like the sea
You got me weak at the knees
I feel like a tweaker
The way I need you
In my speakers

Track Name: Audiobook Envy X Ed Yaoi Fanfiction
prod. Drrty Pharms

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